Alex Treharne

PR Guru



Alex Treharne founded Latch in order to provide an independent PR firm with a focus on creativity. His experience in running record campaigns and writing for numerous music publications has not only given him a passion for the independent music scene but also an understanding of what it takes to elevate an act to the next level. The strength of Latch lies in their promotional prowess. Their team specialises in public relations having built trusted relationships with music bloggers, Spotify curators and other friendly industry faces. Latch's experience crosses continents; from Los Angeles, to London, Paris and other European hubs. This enables us to give your music the exposure and attention it deserves. They have worked with artists such as WESLEE, EMM, MFMF, Sam Setton, Samuel Larsen, Fly By Midnight and many others; driving traffic to Spotify via playlists, articles, interviews and video content.

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